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Pop Warner football has been around since the inception of the league in 1929 by founder Joseph J. Tomlin as a four-team conference in Northeast Philadelphia. Since then, participation has steadily increased to today's record numbers. Over 240,000 youths participated in Pop Warner-sanctioned football programs in 2004, and those numbers are continuing to grow.

Kids compete with kids of similar age and size. Pop Warner is the ONLY youth football program (local, regional and national) that sets and enforces a strict AGE & WEIGHT MATRIX that reduces the risk and reality of injuries.

Did you know that Pop Warner football is safer than soccer? Pop Warner football has 12% fewer injuries per capita among 5-15 year olds than organized soccer in the same age range! (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, NEISS)

2021 Age/Weight Matrix

Age/Weight Division Age on July 31 Certification Weight End of Season Weight
TINY MITE 5-6-7 35-80 LBS 89 LBS
MITEY MITE 7-8-9 45-105 LBS 114 LBS
JR PEE WEE 8-9-10 60-120 LBS 129 LBS
JPW (Older Lighter) 11* 60-100 LBS 109 LBS
PEE WEE 9-10-11 75-135 LBS 144 LBS
PW (Older Lighter) 12* 75-115 LBS 124 LBS
JR VARSITY 10-11-12 90-160 LBS 169 LBS
JV (Older Lighter) 13* 90-140 LBS 149 LBS

In-Season weekly weight increase of 1 lb in weeks 2-10 (max. of 9 lbs).

*The asterisked provisions in each division allow the so-called "older but lighter" player to also qualify. The last year of eligibility falls under more stringent weight restrictions, per above.

A child's age on July 31 is his/her age for the season.

2021 Age-Based Divisions

Age Division Age on July 31
6 U 5 or 6
7 U 6 or 7
8 U 7 or 8
9 U 8 or 9
10 U 8, 9 or 10
11 U 9, 10 or 11
12 U 10, 11 or 12
13 U 11, 12 or 13
14 U 12, 13 or 14

Pop Warner Age - Eligible Levels (+Max Weight for Weighted Levels)

Age on July 31 6U 7U TM 8U 9U MM 10U 11U JPW 12U PW 13U JV 14U
PW Age 5 YES YES-80#
PW Age 6 YES YES YES-80#
PW Age 7 YES YES-80# YES YES-105#
PW Age 8 YES YES YES-105# YES YES-120#
PW Age 9 YES YES-105# YES YES YES-120# YES-135#
PW Age 10 YES YES YES-120# YES YES-135# YES-160#
PW Age 11 YES YES-100# YES YES-135# YES YES-160#
PW Age 12 YES YES-115# YES YES-160# YES
PW Age 13 YES YES-140# YES
PW Age 14 YES