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Coaches Corner

Cheer Coach Updates


As associations begin the FALL registration process, we wanted to share the forms that are used for all participants.

If you cheered in the spring, the only forms that can be re-used for the fall are the consent/contract and health history form.

Below, is a quick list of what is needed for each participant.

Remember, you need to create new rosters for you 2021 Fall Season.
Your spring rosters are closed and will no longer be used.

We will go over this more in detail at our certification training in July.
Please ensure your association has someone that will be attending Roster/Book Training.  Please contact LeAnne Hubbs if you have any questions.

For each Cheer Participant:
Sleeve 1-Birth Certificate (front) and COVID waiver (back)
Sleeve 2-PW Health History (front) and Physical (back)
Sleeve 3- Player Contract/consent
Sleeve 4-Report Card (either last trimester/quarter to be eligible--BUT will need a full report card to be eligible for Little Scholars)

For each coach:
Sleeve 1: Mid America Spirit
Sleeve 2: YCADA (front) and COVID waiver (back)

Additional forms

Emergency forms
Progression sheets

Just a reminder, all Jr. Coaches, teen coaches, etc. must have the same forms completed as the participants. Also, each must have YCADA (mid-America is not required)

Important Dates

Deadline or Meeting Date Date
Rosters Due
First Certification
Last Certification
Chicagoland Cheer Competition
Regional Cheer Competition